Golondrinas, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries

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Golondrinas Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:      Golondrinas, NM.  87712

Location:      On State Road 161, East of Buena Vista, NM., and west of Watrous, NM. About 3  miles south of

                   Golondrinas, right before 161 goes west. If you are coming from Buena Vista it is right after 161 turns

                   northward. The cemetery is .5 miles from Golondrinas, and 4.9 miles from Buena Vista.

Elevation:      2,092 meters = 6,862 feet

GPS:            Latitude:  35.88170 N      Longitude:  -105.18610 W

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Interments:    1

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Jager Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:         Golondrinas, NM. 87712

Location:         Off 161 south of Golondrinas, soouth of the north Golondrinas Ditch, along the Mora River, east 0f 161.

                      The cemetery is .8 miles from Golondrinas, and 5.4 miles from Buena Vista.

Elevation:        2,068 meters = 6,783 feet

GPS:              Latitude: 35.88170 N Longitude: -105.18610 W

Map:               Interactive Map 1, Map 2,




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Sandoval Weber Cemetery[edit | edit source]

Address:          Golondrinas, NM. 87712

Location:          On State Route 161, next to the Mora River about 18 miles south of Mora, NM. East of Buena Vista and

                       north of Watrous, NM.

Elevation:         6,833 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 35.88170 N Longitude: -105.18610 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1,


History:            Golondrinas was founded in 1835 as a village in the Mora Land Grant, and from 1851-1891 supplied

                       Fort Union with produce.

Interments:       2

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