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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: I would like to order the film for this record. How do I know that I have the correct film?
Answer 1: It is best to perform a Catalog search on the film number and read the notes to determine if you have the correct film number (occasionally, the incorrect number will be shown on the indexed record). Several of the records are tied to multiple films as well. When that is the case, there will be several source films listed.

To perform a catalog search, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Catalog at
  2. Under Search, choose Film Numbers from the drop down list
  3. Key the film number into the ‘For’ box
  4. Press the Search button
  5. Click on the Title to view notes about the film.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question 2: I have searched for a person and found two results. All of the information is the same, except the place of birth, they are different. Which one is correct?
Answer 2: When a search yields several records for the same person, and the information in the indexes do not match, you can check the Catalog (as described in Answer 1 above) to verify the correct location. The following is a list of location errors we are aware of:
Film 989750 is for Drum, Roscommon, Ireland, not $, $, $; the records do not belong in this collection.

Question 3[edit | edit source]

Question 3: Occasionally, there are special characters (i.e. - $, ?, *, etc) that appear in the place name location. How can I see the correct information? For example, see Batch C00295-4
Answer 3: These characters have no meaning and are there in error. The place name is not in the index.