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History[edit | edit source]

Guernsey is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. It lies roughly north of Saint-Malo and to the west of Jersey and the Cotentin Peninsula.

With several smaller nearby islands, it forms a jurisdiction within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a Crown dependency. The jurisdiction is made up of ten parishes on the island of Guernsey, three other inhabited islands and many small islets and rocks.

The two Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey together form the geographical grouping known as the Channel Islands.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1348 - The Black Death reached the Island, ravaging the population
1812 - Fort George was built to accommodate the increase in the number of troops stationed in the island in anticipation of a French invasion during the Napoleonic Wars
1842 - 1880 It was normal for the island to deport vagrants, criminals and anyone who had fallen on hard times who were not local and 10,000 people were deported
1916 - During World War I, approximately 3,000 island men served in the British Expeditionary Force
1941 - 1945 For most of World War II, the Bailiwick was occupied by German troops and before the occupation, many Guernsey children had been evacuated to England to live with relatives or strangers during the war. Some children were never reunited with their families