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This page will give you additional guidance and resources to find death information for your ancestor. Use this page after first completing the death section of the Siracusa, Italy Guided Research page.

Additional online resources


Additional Databases and Online Resources

Online Images (Browsable Only)

Some collections have not been indexed, but are available to browse image by image.

Location Time Period Record Type Collection Name Repository
Siracusa: Sortino 1562-1937 Catholic Church Records Italy, Siracusa, Sortino, Parrocchia di San Giovanni Apostolo ed Evangelista, Catholic Church Records, 1562-1937 FamilySearch Historical Records
Siracusa 1900-1929 Civil Registration
(Stato civile)
Siracusa, Sicily, Italy, Civil Registration Records, 1900-1929 Ancestry ($)
Siracusa: Siracusa 1900-1942 Civil Registration - Tribunal
(Stato civile - Tribunale)
Italy, Siracusa, Siracusa, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1900-1942 FamilySearch Historical Records

Substitute records


Additional Records with Death Information

Substitute records can contain information about more than one event, and are used when records for an event are not available. Because the substitute records may not be created at the time of the event, it may contain incorrect information. Search for as many substitute records as possible to corroborate information found in substitute records to help improve accuracy.

Use these substitute records to locate death information about your ancestor:
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FamilySearch(FS) Collections
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