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Guide to Guizhou 贵州 ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

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Location Information[edit | edit source]

Guizhou is a province in the southwest region of China. It covers an area of 176,167 km2 (68,018 sq mi). Its capital is Guiyang. Guizhou is a mountainous province, with a very diverse population. Minority groups including the Miao, Bouyei, Dong, Tujia and Yi can be found here.

It was formerly names Juzhou (矩州) during an administrative period of a Chinese empire under the Tang. [1]

Guizhou Map[edit | edit source]

Guizhou Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office 贵州省人民政府侨务办公室[edit | edit source]


Phone: : +86 851 6612144

Fax: +86 851 6614121

Email: 信箱:

Address: 中国贵州省贵阳市宅吉路 1 号

City Level Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices 市政府侨务办公室[edit | edit source]

  • 贵阳市外事办公室 - Address: 中国贵州省贵阳市乌当区林城东路
  • 六盘水市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 858 8225639

Address: 中国贵州六盘水钟山中路 52 号

  • 遵义市外事办公室 - Address: 址:中国贵州省遵义市红花岗区石龙路
  • 安顺市外事办公室 - Phone: +86 851 33284003


Address: 中国贵州安顺市西秀区市政府路

  • 铜仁市人民政府 - Address: 中国贵州省铜仁市碧江区花果山中路 8 号
  • 黔西南布依族苗族自治州人民政府办公室 - Phone: +86 859 3239985

Address: 中国贵州省黔西南州遵义路 5 号

  • 毕节市外事办公室 - Address: 中国贵州省毕节市七星关区桂花路
  • 黔东南苗族侗族自治州外事办公室 (凯里市)- Address: 中国贵州省黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市州府路 28 号南 60 米
  • 黔南布依族苗族自治州外事办公室 (都匀市) - Address: 中国贵州省黔南布依苗族自治州都匀市迎宾路

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