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To insert the Infobox onto a county page, copy the code below onto your clipboard. Go to the page and click on "edit page." When the edit box comes up, click on the "Wikitext" option on the top left hand side of the menu. This code can be pasted at the very top of the page, being sure not to have anything else between the opening double parenthesis and the closing double parenthesis.

{{Infobox U.S. County
| county = Rrrrr County
| adoption_sign = Adoption Sssss
| county_map = Tt-Uuuuu.png
| state = Vvvvv
| state_map = Wwwww.png 
| founded year = XXXX
| founded date = Yyyyy YY
| seat wl = Zzzzz


The date founded and county seat information have already been added to the county pages, so you can find that when you pull up your page to insert the Infobox.

Rrrrr - change to correct county name (mixed case)

Sssss - insert name of adoption template (mixed case)

Tt - 2 letter state abbreviation (mixed case, i.e. Tn)

 Uuuuu - county name (all lower case)

Vvvvv - State name (mixed case)

 Wwwww - State name (mixed case)

XXXX - 4 digit year

Yyyy YY- Month (mixed case) and day of month (1 or 2 digits)

Zzzzz - State capitol (mixed case)

Once you have completed this, preview your page to be sure all fields are correct, and once they are, just "save page."

Quick Tip: If you have multiples of this box to insert on county pages for the same state, the easiest way to do this is to copy this into your word processing program and insert the name of the state in both the | state and | state_map fields and then save that in your copy so you don't have to keep  entering those 2 fields. You can just keep changing the remaining data and cut and paste.

  • Note - The state and county maps will need to be uploaded, and the adoption sign created, in order to show up in the Infobox.

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