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You don't need to be an expert[edit | edit source]

Think of editing like a pyramid, the higher up you go, the more involved the project. Writing a full article is like the peak, an important and prominent thing, but there are few of them. Most of editing is simple, just a lot of them. Like the large base of the pyramid. And most edits need little more than typing skills and common sense!

Simple improvements you can make[edit | edit source]

  • Correct grammar or spelling. We find the writers on our wiki really appreciate when others correct the grammar or spelling mistakes they inadvertently leave behind.
  • Add headings. Some articles are just a series of paragraphs. Improve readability by setting off paragraphs with headings.
  • Add transitions to text. Some articles don't flow very well because the ideas in each paragraph are unconnected. Add to an article's readability by adding transitions between paragraphs.
  • Add information to a page. Do you know the creation date of a county? Do you know the vital records office's phone number? There are a lot of simple facts that the wiki needs!
  • Add local news & events. Is a local genealogical society or family history center giving a class on a research topic? Add news or events to a place page!
  • Add links. Is there an online database your page should link to? Add an external link! Is there a related wiki page that the article should link to? Add an internal link!

Where to find pages that need the most improvement[edit | edit source]

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Having seen some great, well-organized articles on the site, you may wonder where to find articles that need your help. Here are some great places to find them: