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Visual Editor toolbar[edit | edit source]

[[ ]]
Save page

Page options[edit | edit source]

  • Options - There are four options under this button
    • Page settings
      • Redirect patron to another page. (Usually this will take the viewer to another page with a different name but the same material.) Redirects are created with the "Move" from the "More" tab on the Wiki tool bar.
      • Show the Table of Contents - Determines whether the table of contents is displayed.
      • Removes the edit links next to each heading on this page - Allows prevention of the [edit source] from showing up beside each heading.
    • Advanced settings
      • Allow this page be indexed by search engines
      • Show a tab on this page to add a new section
      • Change the title displayed if you want it different from the present title.
    • Categories
      • Categories - List of categories under which this page is listed; allows addition of another category if needed.
      • Options - Choose to sort article by another word rather than the title under categories.
      • Options - Name this page is sorted by or the name of the page.
    • Languages - Pages in other language Wikis with links to this page, or the translation of this page in another language Wiki (appears to be inoperable as of 9/23/2016).
    • Templates - Shows all the Templates used on this page.
    • View as right-to-left - Changes the view of the words on the page to the other side.
    • Find and replace - Allows you to find a word or phrase and replace it with a different word or phrase.
      • To find a particular word or phrase you want to change, type it in the top box.
      • Type the word or phrase you want to replace it with in the box below.
      • Click "Replace" to do only one word or phrase.
      • Click "Replace all" if you want to replace the word or phrase if it is in more than one place on the page.
      • Click "Save page" to save your changes.
      • If you just want to find a word or phrase, get out of Visual Editor and hit CTRL+F and type in what you are looking for.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • You can keep the "Contents" from appearing on a page.
A. True
B. False
  • You can keep the [Edit source] from appearing next to each header.
A. True
B. False
  • You cannot add a category to a page with page options.
A. True
B. False