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VisualEditor toolbar[edit | edit source]


VisualEditor in detail - Part 1[edit | edit source]

UndoVE.jpg Undo arrow If you decided that you did not like your last edit, you can cancel it.
RedoVE.jpg Redo arrow If you decided that you really did like your last edit after all, you can restore it by clicking the Redo arrow.
ParagraphVE.jpg Formating Headers By clicking on the Paragraph you will see the following drop down menu:

  • This menu allows you to change the size of the headers.
  • Highlight the header text you want to change and select the size from the dropped down menu. (Notice you can also change the size by holding down the Control key and a hitting the number that equals the size of the header wanted, such as Ctrl 3).

Here are the sizes of the headers as shown in the menu:

  • Heading - header which is 2 equal signs (==) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 1 - equals (===) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 2 - equals (====) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 3 - equals (=====) in Wikitext coding.
  • Sub-heading 4 - equals (======) in Wikitext coding.
  • Preformatted - Removes the default font and replaces it with a font that looks like old typewriter font.
  • Page title - equals (=) in Wikitext coding. However, this size header is RESERVERED ONLY FOR ARTICLE TITLES! DO NOT use this size of header in your articles. If you were to make a header with one equal sign, it will remove the actual title at the top of the page leaving a blank space. In addition, the browser will think your header is now the title of the article.
StyleVE.jpg Text style

You can make changes to the style or look of highlighted text.

(Notice: You can change style by using the Control key with another key such as a "i" to change text to italics.)

  • Bold - makes the text bold.
  • Italic - makes the text italic.
  • Superscript - turns text into a superscript.
  • Subscript - turns the text into a subscript.
  • Strikethrough - puts a line through the text.
  • Computer code[1] - inserts HTML tags <code> and </code> around text you highlighted, which changes the default setting of the font.
  • Underline - draws a line under text.
  • Language[2] - changes language using ISO[3] coding such as "en" for English.
  • Clear formatting - removes any styling attached to the text other than default.
LinkVE.jpg Links Turns a bit of highlighted text into either an internal or external link.
Visualeditor8.PNG Allows you to place references or footnotes anywhere in the article

When you click on "Cite," the first panel appears.

  • You have two choices: Basic and Re-use.
  • Clicking Basic brings up the second panel.
    • The cursor will be blinking where you are to enter your reference or footnote. The tool bar just above, allows you to change your entry into a link or change the font. At the bottom of this panel you will notice you can use an existing reference.
  • Clicking Re-use will bring up the third panel.
    • This will allow you to select an existing reference without having to retype the same reference again.
Visualeditor12.PNG List structure
If you click on bullet list this panel appears.
  • The first icon creates a bullet list.
  • The second icon creates a numbered list.
  • The following two icons allows you to indent to create sub bullet list or sub numbered lists.
  1. You will have little or no use for this procedure
  2. You will have little or no use for this procedure
  3. ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • What does the undo arrow allow you to do?
A. Fix a mistake.
B. Reverse a link entered incorrectly
C. Fix a page that was messed up by someone else but no other edits have been made since then.
D. All of the above.
  • How many kinds of headings are there?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
  • Where can the Page title header be used on a page?
A. Anywhere
B. Next to the last header
C. Only on Tuesdays
D. None of the above
  • To make some text bold, where do you click?
A. Paragraph
B. Numbered list
C. Links
D. None of the above
  • To make a list with bullet points, you click on?
A. Text style
B. Can only do it in Wikitext
C. Bullet list
D. All of the above
  • To remove bullet points from a list you just created, you click on?
A. Bullet lists
B. Numbered lists
C. Can only do it in Wikitext
D. None of the above.