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Hiawatha Coal mining town
The coal mine opened about 1907 and the town was surveyed and building about 1911, and the railroad, which allowed the coal mined to be shipped wherever needed, came about 1911.
The town was built in stages and ethnic groups lived together in separate parts of town. Many of the miners came from parts of the world where they had once been miners.
The early stage had about a population of about 500. After world war ll the demand for coal grew and a government housing project was built to house the returning vets.
During the 40s and 50s the sign on the road going into town claimed population of 1000.
During the 1960's the coal started to play out and the mine eventually shut down.
Hiawatha Memories Compiled and collected by Elden Miller
Stories and memories of some who lived there.
The Thomas/ Banner Coal Camp Legacy by Juanita Madrid
Stories, pictures and maps of Hiawatha and those who lived there.
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