History and Employment Information of the Saint Louis-San Francisco Railway

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This site presents a history of this railroad which, contrary to its title, never reached San Francisco. The railroad was headquartered in Missouri. This is an ongoing project to find additional history of the railroad and information regarding employees of the Frisco, 1876-1980.

Contents[edit | edit source]

There are several groups of records on this website that would be helpful to descendants of railroaders:

1. Employee applications records. Not all employees are listed. These employee cards, dating from 1940 forward, include:

    • Employee's name
    • Address
    • Birth date
    • Race & gender
    • Parents' names [including mother’s maiden name]
    • Location of assignment and job title.

2. Copies of Frisco employee magazines published for active and retired employees . Included in these issues are obituaries, personal items about employees and their families, and other articles. The magazines from 1902-1935 are digitized; there are 185 complete magazines in that time span.

    • There is a search engine in which to place the name of the employee.
    • The actual text and/or photo from the magazine is then displayed.
    • If you have a question, there is a question box whereby you may query the reference librarian at the Springfield-Greene County Library District.

Internet address[edit | edit source]

Or do a Google.com search for: Frisco Railway Springfield Library

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