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Resources[edit | edit source]

Topic Time frame Resource Location
seasonal customs 1850-1950 McGarry, Marion. Irish Customs And Rituals: How our ancestors celebrated life and the seasons. ?: Orpen Press. 2020. Ireland
Farm Life 1841-64 Diaries of James Harshaw, 6 volumes. [in R. Stanton Avery Special Collections, DA995/D6/H37/1996 microfilm] Down, Ireland
Childhood 1950s Illingworth, Ruth. A 1950s Irish Childhood: From Catapults to Communion Medals. Ireland: The History Press. 2018. Ireland
Women's History 1840-1890 Holmes, Janice, and Diane Urquhart. Coming into the light: the work, politics and religion of women in Ulster, 1840-1890. Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University of Belfast. 1994. Ulster
Landed Families 1860-1960 Dooley, Terence A. M. The decline of the big house in Ireland: a study of Irish landed families, 1860-1960. Dublin, Ireland: Wolfhound Press. 2001. Ireland
Estate Life 1840-1850 Grant, Elizabeth. The Highland Lady in Ireland: Journals 1840-1850. Ireland
Rural Life 1800s Dorian, Hugh, Breandán Mac Suibhne, and David Dickson. The outer edge of Ulster: a memoir of social life in nineteenth-century Donegal. Notre Dame, Ind: University of Notre Dame Press. 2001. Donegal
Rural Life 1800s Smyth, Alfred P., and Anthony Cogan. Faith, famine and fatherland in the Irish Midlands: perceptions of a priest and historian Anthony Cogan 1826-1872. Dublin: Four Courts Press. 1992. Irish Midlands
Oral History Irish Life and Lore: Recordings and Books (3,000 hours of audio recordings) Ireland