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Interactive Archives Map, Click Here[edit | edit source]

Israel State Archives[edit | edit source]

Israel State Archives
Jerusalem 91919, Israel

Tel: 02-5680680, 02-5680612

Information about you can be found in the Reading Room of the Israel State Archives.

  • The Government of Israel The Office of the Chief Secretariat - 1918-1948
The Chief Executive Office of the British Mandatory Government in Palestine . Including personal files of government employees.
  • The Immigration Department, 1920-1948
This section includes material relating to the control of passports, pilgrims, immigration information, absorption conditions, statistics on immigration, economics, working conditions, etc. A large part of this division includes naturalization files. Personal status of immigrants who petitioned the Immigration Department for citizenship - 508 boxes. Note: Most of the material is from the 1930's and relates to German immigrants.
  • Palestine Police: Illegal Immigrant Cases 1933-1948
The material includes deportation orders of illegal immigrants, arranged according to arrival dates and ships.
There are also marriage and divorce documents of non-Jews, 1929-1947.
  • Registry and Land Settlement

List Property, mandatory registrations population of the Community Council of Jerusalem, register marriages and divorces (can be viewed only possession courts),records of the Supreme Court - (you can read only the court's permission Supreme Council (

  • Ottoman Administration. Books of Nafos 1917-1876
The material is arranged according to cities, including ethnic groups and religious affiliation. The records were made for tax purposes and military service.
  • Ministry of the Interior. The Central Elections Committee for the Knesset 1948-1989
It includes those eligible to vote, 1951-1973
  • Collection of documents from the German consulate in Jerusalem 1919-1940
Material from the consulates in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa. Personal status such as registration of births, marriage records and death records, military service, correspondence and comments regarding the adoption of Jewish first names And cancellation of name changes, registration of German subjects, issuance of passports, cancellation of German citizenship.
  • Sharia Courts 1975-1998
Marriage and Divorce Records (see only the permission of the Rabbinical Courts),
  • District 121 Regional Rabbinical Courts 1919-2006
Cases of marriage licenses, divorce, conversion, etc. of the Rabbinical Courts in Jerusalem , Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Haifa, Tiberias and Safed
  • Collection of Documents from the British Consulate in Jerusalem 1838-1948
  • Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, 1919-2005
A large series of lists of immigrants to Palestine, arranged by date of arrival and ships, 1974-1921.
  • Brigade 140 - the Chief Rabbinate of 1910-2003
records and marriage records marriage licenses.
  • Austrian consulate in Palestine 1903-1938
list of passports, visas, applications for passports and visas to Austria, List of Austrian war dead buried in military cemeteries in Palestine.

The Central Zionist Archives[edit | edit source]

The Central Zionist Archives
Joseph Herlitz Street Address
Jerusalem 9100002

Telephone: 02-6204800
Fax: 02-6204837

Family research related collections:

  • A card file and personal records of immigrants
Jewish Agency card files and personal records of candidates for aliyah and of immigrants to Israel / the State of Israel
  • Legal immigration
There are three main databases dealing with the legal immigration: immigrant note books, personal records of immigrants and aliyah candidates, and an immigrant card index of the statistics department of the Jewish Agency's Aliyah Department
  • Illegal immigration
Lists of passengers who sailed on illegal ships
  • Youth Aliyah
The Historical Archives of the Department for the Immigration of Children and Youth
  • Cyprus exiles
Archive of the Cyprus exiles' camps between 1947-1949
  • Recruitment to the British army
General correspondence files of the Jewish Agency's recruitment and release offices, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa
  • Search for relatives
The database and files of the Jewish Agency's Search for Relatives Section
  • Commander of Jerusalem
Booklets of the Jewish commander of Jerusalem conducted by the British before the Second World War, September 1939
  • Offices in Israel
Card catalogs of the Israeli offices
  • Note books
Note books for immigrants to Israel / the State of Israel between the years 1919-1974
  • Immigrants' file of the statistics section of the Jewish Agency's Aliyah Department
  • Personal archives
  • Private archives of personalities who worked for Zionism
  • Newspapers and books
Newspapers and periodicals published in Israel, in the State of Israel and abroad, which are made up of genealogies

The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP)[edit | edit source]

The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Edmond J. Safra Campus Givat Ram
Jerusalem 91390

Tel. 972-2-6586249
Fax 972-2-6535426
"The Central Archives are rich in genealogical material from various communities. To derive maximum benefit from the Archives’ collections, one should be familiar with the major components of the Archives, with the nature of the various kinds of genealogical materials available and with the extent of the assistance obtainable from the Central Archives in order to know how to formulate questions and how to go about a genealogical search.

"The chief genealogical sources are birth, marriage, death and burial registers. These were maintained chronologically in most communities from about the end of the 18th century onwards. The Central Archives have a large collection of such registers from Germany, as well as sporadic registers from other countries, such as France, Italy and Poland. In recent years the Archives have begun microfilming genealogical registers in government archives in Eastern Europe, especially for what was once Galicia. Other sources are circumcision registers, voting lists, tax lists, etc. All, however, are catalogued geographically, by communities and not by the names of the people listed in them. It is therefore necessary to know precisely where your parents or grandparents were born/married/died in order to initiate a search in the Central Archives for material on additional generations. In some cases, the Central Archives have no relevant material, but are able to provide addresses of archives in other countries holding such material.

"The Central Archives also have a very small (several hundred) collection of family trees and genealogies. These are catalogued by the names of the families about which they were composed, and not by every name appearing on them. On the slight chance the archives have genealogical material relating to your particular family, you must cite the family name, where they came from and the approximate period you are interested in, to determine whether the particular family tree in our collection bearing your family name refers to your particular family (in some cases there are hundreds of families bearing the same name but with no family connection whatsoever between them).

"Central Archives staff members cannot conduct actual research, as staff of the Central Archives is too small to do so, even for a fee. At best we can inform you whether we have relevant genealogical material from a particular community for a particular time period. You are then welcome to come to the archives or send someone on your behalf to do the research. In some cases, members of the Israeli Genealogical Society can be privately solicited to do research for a fee. Nothing, however, is as good as a personal visit to the Archives, since additional research possibilities not thought of at the outset often crop up in the course of research." Source: The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP), Genealogy, General Information

Israel Genealogy Research Association[edit | edit source]

Israel Genealogy Research Association
P.O. Box 10578
Jerusalem 9110501

Email contact form
Professional research services

Online Databases at IGRA[edit | edit source]

  • Immigration
  • The Histadrut
  • Births
  • Candidates
  • Commanders / Lists
  • Marriage / Divorce
  • Representatives
  • Address Books
  • Books
  • Deaths / Burial
  • Government publications
  • Military
  • Lists of voters
  • School Lists
  • Change of name
  • Employment
  • Contributions

Archives of Tel Aviv-Jaffa[edit | edit source]

Municipal Archives
Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
st 69 Tel
Tel Aviv-Jaffa 64162

Coordination visit:

Telephone: 03-7244368

Fax : 03-5216012

Online Tel Aviv Censuses[edit | edit source]

Other Archives and Libraries[edit | edit source]

The David Tuviyahu Archives for the History of the Negev
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Veer-Sheeva, Israel