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Biography Collections in the Online Databases of the Israel Genealogy Research Association[edit | edit source]

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  • Index of Biographical Materials of Jewish Legionaires at the Beit Hagdudim Museum
In Moshav Avihayil there is the Beit Hagdudim Museum – Jewish Volunteers to the British Armed Forces in World Wars I and II. This is an index to the material available for 1,719 volunteers out of the 5,000 soldiers that served in the Jewish Legion including the Zion Mule Corps. Most of the volunteers were from England, the United States and Canada, with a small group from Argentina and Palestine.
  • Who’s Who in Palestine 1944
The database is composed of two lists prepared by the Britsh Mandate government, marked SECRET and closed until 1996! The documents included the names of 153 Jewish politicians and personalities and 69 Arab politicians and personalities. Inside the booklets there is a summary on each person.

Encyclopedia of the Founders and Builders of Israel[edit | edit source]

The books by David Tidhar have been scanned and are now on the internet. Click here. There is a search engine in Hebrew and in English. The search engine in English is for names and it transliterates them into Hebrew. All the text is in Hebrew.