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Italy, Births and Baptisms, 1806-1900 known issues (365357) Question #1: Some indexed records have event place, date, or other errors. How can I determine the correct information? Answer 1: View the document to verify the correct information, or search the Catalog using the film number included in the record detail page. A list of known problems below provides correct indexing information: • Film 1169162: The correct Event Place, either christening or birth, is Acerra, Napoli, Campania, Italy • Film 1225651: The correct Event Place, either christening or birth, is San Giovanni Battista, Monteodorisio, Chieti, Italy.

If additional problems are encountered with the collection, you can report them at • If searching the collection, please include the name of the collection, and all search criteria used, including name, event, dates, and places. • For technical issues, please include the operating system and browser version. Related Links: Finding microfilm numbers in the catalog (55632) Italy Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records) Italy Births and Baptisms, 1806-1900