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Karmøy is an island on the southwest coast of Norway. It lies between Bergen on the north and Stavanger on the south and is just across from Haugesund. It consists of the following Clerical Districts: Avaldsnes, Kopervik (Stangeland), Skudenes, Skudeneshavn, Torvastad (Torvestad), and Åkra.

Slektsforum Karmøy[edit | edit source]

Slektsforum Karmøy was created in November 1996 to compile and organize all information which individual members had previously obtained and make it available in one location.

Guest to the site may also access the information and ask questions on the forum. These questions must be submitted by email: slektsforum.karmoy@c2i.net

The immediate objectives are:

  • Update and place the farm books on the internet
  • Transcribe the church books and put the transcriptions on the internet
  • Place family history databases on the internet
  • Compile and emigrant index
  • Collect old photos
  • Answer emails and send substantial information

All of the work is done by volunteers. Donations are welcome. Membership benefits include discounts on publications and printouts. Membership subscription form

The church book databases are added to Digitalarkivet as they are completed.

Under the webpage for County books, family histories are being reconstructed using data from "Bygdebok for Karmøy", "Norges Bebyggelse", Johannes Mjølhus' notes, church books, census records, probate records, private family records, and other sources. This includes only those inhabitants which have registered descendants. A more complete list is available for those who are members of Slektsforum. There are also many books and sources available for members at their office in Skudenes, Norway.

The County books, or "Farm and family history" on the internet, page is arranged in five sections as follows: Åkra farms 1-20, Skudenes/Skudeneshavn farms 21-57, Stangeland/Kopervik farms 59-74, Avaldsnes farms 75-125 (Tysvær farms 60-64), and Torvastad farms 126-149.

Karmøy Graves[edit | edit source]

On the website called "Den Norske Kirke Karmøy" (which is only in Norwegian), there is a search of all their burials in the churchyards and cemeteries, which have a numbered grave. Enter given name, middle name and or surname. You may search using only one of the fields. Press "SØK" to begin the search. Information given is the name (Navn), birthdate (Født), deathdate (Død), churchyard (Kirkegård) or cemetery (gravplass), and grave number (Gravnr). Dates are dd.mm.yyyy. Grave Search

Under the Links (Lenker) on the left of the page there are links to the burial sites, which give plot maps of the various grave sites. There is also a link to the burial sites in Haugesund.

The search for people buried on the island of Karmøy includes the churchyards at Avaldsnes, Falnes, Ferkingstad, Kopervik, Norheim, Torvastad, Vedavågen, and Åkra.