Marlboro County, South Carolina Cemeteries

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United States  Gotoarrow.png South Carolina Gotoarrow.png Marlboro County Gotoarrow.png Marlboro County Cemeteries

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To be thorough, search online and printed versions of a cemetery's gravestones. For those who have the opportunity to visit the cemetery in person, important clues can be learned from how graves are spaced. Relatives were often buried near one another.

Cemetery Location Online Transcript Publication
Adam's Family     Epitaphs
Adams-Moore     Drake
Ammons Colin Cottingham place, near Hwy. 15   Drake
Anderson near Ebenezer Methodist Church   Drake
Barrington Family     Drake
Beauty Spot     Epitaphs;
Beaver Dam     Beaver Dam;
Bennett     Epitaphs;
Bethel Methodist Church     Epitaphs;
Bethlehem     Drake
Billingsly-Bedgegood (no longer exists)     Drake
Boykin     Drake
Breeden     Epitaphs;
Brigman near Antioch Church   Drake
Brigman off Hwy. 38 towards Hamlet, N.C.   Drake
Brigman     Drake
Brigman     Drake
Bright (Stubbs)     Drake
Brownsville Baptist Church     Drake
Cashua Ferry Baptist Church (no longer exists) near Pee Dee River   Drake
Caulk     Drake
Chavis off Hwy. 9 to Cheraw   Drake
Col. Kolb's Tomb     Drake
Conner     Drake
Cook (no longer exists) corner of Cook St. and Fayetteville Ave.   Drake
Cottingham (no longer exists) W side Cottingham Creek on Bennettsville to Clio road   Drake
Covington place (no longer exists) near Clio   Drake
Coxe     Drake
Daniels Chapel     Drake
David     Epitaphs
David Graveyard off Hwy. 79   Drake
David Cemetery     Drake
Douglas     Drake
Drake     Epitaphs;
Easterling Graveyard     Epitaphs;
Easterling Cemetery     Epitaphs;
Easterling Cemetery     Drake
Ebenezer Methodist Church, old site     Drake
Ebenezer Methodist Church     Drake
Evergreen Hudson St., Bennettsville   Drake
First Methodist Church (no longer exists)     Drake
First Presbyterian Church Broad St., Bennettsville   Drake
Fletcher     Epitaphs;
Fletcher's Chapel     Drake
Fletcher Memorial School, cemetery by     Drake
Gillespie-Shipp Family   JSTOR ($) Bynum;
Great Pee Dee Presbyterian Church     Drake
Groveton     Drake
Hamer     Epitaphs;
Hamer     Drake
Harrington     Drake
Hebron Methodist Church     Epitaphs;
Hickory Grove Baptist Church     Drake
Hill     Drake
Hodges     Epitaphs;
Holy Road     Epitaphs;
Hubbard     Drake
Hubbard     Drake
Hunsucker Family     Drake
Irby former John B. Irby land, near Clio   Drake
Ivey-Ivy     Drake
Johnson former Nehemiah Johnson land, near Hamlet   Drake
Lester     Epitaphs;
Liles     Epitaphs;
McCall     Drake
McColl Burying Ground     Drake
McGinnis     Drake
McLaurin     Drake
McLucas     Drake
McQuage     Drake
Manship     Epitaphs;
Mineral Springs Baptist Church     Drake
Moore     Epitaphs;
Moses Parker Historical Cemetery     Drake
Mossy Bay     Epitaphs;
Mount Elim United Holiness Church     Drake
Munford     Epitaphs;
Murchison     Epitaphs;
New Hope Church     Drake
Newton     Drake
Newton     Drake
Oak Grove Methodist Church     Drake
Oak Ridge North Cook St., Bennettsville   Drake
Odom     Drake
Old Welsh Neck     Epitaphs
Parker near McColl   Parker
Parnassus Methodist Church     Epitaphs;
Parrish     Drake
Pearce     Drake
Pearson     Drake
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church     Drake
Poston-Polston Family     Drake
Priest     Drake
Quick     Drake
Quick     Drake
Quick (Ebbie)     Drake
Quick     Drake
Quick     Drake
Red Bluff     Drake
Red Bluff, back of     Drake
Robertson and Ellerbe (no longer exists) near 503 Fayetteville Ave.   Epitaphs;
Rogers     Epitaphs;
Rogers     Drake
Salem Baptist Church near Salem Baptist Church, five miles below Bennettsville   Epitaphs;
Saw Mill     Epitaphs
Sawmill Baptist Churchyard     Drake
Shiloh     Drake
Smith     Drake
Smyrna Methodist Church     Epitaphs;
Spears and Edens     Epitaphs;
Stanton     Drake
Steen     Drake
Sunset Memorial     Drake
Tatum     Epitaphs
Teague     Drake
Thomas     Drake
Thomas Family (no longer exists) John Sands Thomas plantation, intersection of McColl and Robeson Streets   Drake
Thomas Memorial Baptist Church (no longer exists)     Drake
Townsend     Drake
Unnamed Cashua Ferry area   Drake
Unnamed Pate farm, near Cheraw   Drake
Unnamed Tilden Quick farm, near Antioch Church   Drake
Unnamed near Hamlet   Drake
Unnamed 301 W. Main St., Bennettsville   Drake
Unnamed near Blenheim   Drake
Unnamed near McColl   Drake
Unnamed near Hwy. 15   Drake
Unnamed Gordon Newton farm, between Tatum and McColl   Drake
Unnamed E.C. Varner farm, near Cheraw   Drake
Unnamed John F. Everett farm, near Society Hill   Drake
Unnamed Covington place, near Clio   Drake
Wallace     Drake
Webster     Epitaphs;
White Creek Free Will Baptist     Drake
Wright     Drake

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