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Note[edit | edit source]

NOTE: To determine which digital records are likely to be found within a collection or to find missing images, see, How do I use the catalog to learn more about the collections in Historical Records?.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: The Event Type and Year Range (waypoint) title does not properly reflect the actual digital record content. How can I determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection?
'Answer 1: The list of known waypoint discrepancies describes the event type or year range existing in the collection:

  • Asunción Sagrario Metropolitano (Centro) > Información matrimonial 1778, 1818 year span should be limited to 1778 records.
  • Santa Veracruz (Guerrero Sureste) includes records for both Santa Veracruz (Guerrero Sureste) and Santa Veracruz (Cuahtemoc). The Catalog Note, located in Documentos eclesiásticos, 1663-1880; Iglesia Católica. Santa Veracruz (Guerrero Sureste, Distrito Federal), states “La colonia Guerrro Sureste pertenece a la delegación de Cuauhtémoc” or “The Guerrro Sureste colony belongs to Cuauhtémoc delegation”.
  • Distrito Federal > Cuidad de México > Divina Providencia > Bautismos 1902-1917: Images are not available online. The can be found on Film 707314.