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Note[edit | edit source]

NOTE: To view films, see Where do I find a family history center?.

NOTE: Many of the indexed records have corresponding images in the Mexico state Catholic Church or Civil Registration browse collections. The information from the record detail pages, such as event date, event place, parent’s names, and film number are useful search criteria. Search the Catalog using the Film Number to find records that are available online.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: I am having trouble searching for marriage records even when I know my ancestor’s name. Do you have any suggestions?
Answer 1: Try entering different combinations of the name in both the First Names and Last Names fields. For example, if you cannot find Jose Domingo using both fields, enter the entire name in the First Names field only. Prior to 1800, people were not identified by surnames as used currently. In addition, indexing errors may have attributed to searching problems.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question 2: Some indexed records have event place or date errors, as well as film number errors. How can I determine the correct information?
Answer 2: View the document to verify the correct information. The event place and date can also be checked by searching the Catalog using the film number included in the record detail page. See Use the FamilySearch catalog. A list of known problems below provides correct indexing information:

  • Marriage records with an Event Place: Baja California Norte should be corrected to read Baja California.
  • About 100 marriage records with an Event Place: Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, Batch I08898-3, and Film 266352 were erroneously transcribed as 27 Nov 1892 to 19 Jul 1894. The correct date range is 27 Nov 1902 to 19 Jul 1904. The Reference ID (or page) number range would be 88-139, and the images are found in the waypoint Mexico, Hidalgo, Catholic Church Records, 1546-1971 > Tulancingo > Sagrario > Matrimonios 1893-1906 > Image 520 through 571 of 625.
  • Film Number 220678 associated with Batch I06400-9 contains Baptisms 1892-1895. The indexed marriage records were created from the priest’s annotations about marriage information written in the sidebar of an individual’s baptismal record. Although the batch contains both marriage and baptism records, only Film 220678 was used to create both sets of indexed records.
  • Film Number 504955 associated with Batch M60092-4 contains Swedish church records of Karlstads. The correct film number is Film 604955: Matrimonios 1862-1884 for parish registers for San Isidro Labrador, Rodeo, Durango, Mexico.
  • The correct film number for Batch M60241-1 is Film 1101897: Bautismos 1673-1769 (Faltan años e incluye algunos matrimonios, 1675-1710). Search the Catalog using the Film Number to find records that are available online.
  • The correct film number for Batch M60519-2 is Film 604808: Matrimonios 1875-1912. Images are available at Mexico, Durango, Catholic Church Records, 1604-1985 > Francisco I Madero > San Fermín > Matrimonios 1875-1912.
  • Marriage records associated with Batch M61417-3 and Film 675113 contain an Event Place: Atotonilco Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico. The correct event place is Calnali, Hidalgo, Mexico. The images are available at Mexico, Hidalgo, Civil Registration, 1861-1967 > Calnali > Matrimonios 1873-1894.