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Guide to Miniyeh-Danniyeh District ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, and church records.

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Miniyeh-Danniyeh District

History[edit | edit source]

[1] (Wikipedia)

Municipalities in Miniyeh-Danniyeh[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the municipalities within the Miniyeh-Danniyeh District.

    • Aassoun
    • Aaymar
    • Aazqai
    • Ain Et Tineh
    • Bakhaoun
    • Beddaoui
    • Behouaita - Afqa - Bchennata
    • Beit El Faqs
    • Bhanine - Mazraat Artoussi - Rihaniyé
    • Borj El Yahoudiyeh
    • Bqaa Safrine
    • Bqarsouna
    • Btermaz
    • Deir Aammar
    • Deir Nbouh
    • Haql El Aazimeh
    • Harf Es Syad
    • Hazmiyeh
    • Izal
    • Karm El Mohr
    • Kfar Bebnine
    • Kfar Chellane
    • Kfar Habou
    • Markebta
    • Minieh - Nabi Youcheaa
    • Mrah Es Srayj
    • Nimrine - Bakouza
    • Ouadi En Nahleh
    • Qarsaita
    • Qattine
    • Sfireh
    • Sir

Civil Registration[edit | edit source]

Civil registration records are government records that cover birth, marriage, and death. These are kept at the Governorate's Serail and at individual Civil Status Registrar Offices. These records can be accessed by the governor, commissioner and the registrar.

Governorate North Lebanon
Governorate Center Governor Landline Mobile Fax
Tripoli Ramzi Nohra 961 6 433328 961 3 787982 NA
Civil Status Registrar Office Civil Status Registrar Landline Mobile
Civil Status Division of North Lebanon 961 6 431976
Civil Status Registrar Office of Sir El Danniyeh Jamal Hassoun 961 6 490069 961 70 316385

Mukhtar[edit | edit source]

Mukhtar records can support your search for records in Lebanon. The Mukhtar keep birth, death, marriage and proof of residency records. These records are kept at a village and city level, so it's important to know the village that an ancestor came from to use these records. To see the list of Mukhtar information for this district see Miniyeh-Danniyeh Mukhtar Records.