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Family lists / local censuses[edit | edit source]

Research use: Value the same as a revision list.

Record type: Population enumerations were conducted after the revisions for the purpose of assessing a poll tax and identifying those for conscription into the military.

General: The term supplemental revision lists was used in some areas when referring to family lists. Since there was no universal mandate as in the case of the revisions to create these records, they occur randomly at different times for different places. Family lists were also created by conscription offices that listed all male members of a family along with their parents.

Time period: 1860-1920.

Contents: Head of household, family members, ages; other details vary.

Location: State Historical Archive in Kishinev.

Population coverage: 30% coverage because conducted randomly on a local basis and not always preserved.

Reliability: They are not completely reliable because of efforts to evade taxation or conscription by avoiding correct enumeration.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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