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This collection is on seven microfilm reels at the Family History Library. While the catalog lists eight specific families for the first item on film 1693883, there are at least forty-six other families where some information about the family is given. Item two has information for another thirty-eight families and item three has forty-four families. All of these families appear in loose alphabetical order. If you are researching Norwegian families and find a non-patronymic name, you may find information about that family in this collection.

Munthe has often given the references to the source of his information. Much of this information was found in Riksarkivet (Norway's National Archives). The information is sometimes just one page with a pedigree chart. Others have descendancy lists for several generations. The family data may have been collected from several sources and compiled into one place. It would be wise to look at this collection to see an overview of what was collected and to be led to sources which may provide information about your family.

At there is a link to a 380-page Word document with the descendants of Ludvig Munthe who was born in 1593 and died in 1649. At the end of the document is a 58-page index to the families to which his descendants were intermarried. This is a quick list of most of the names found in the Munthe collection. Also at this site you will find an online database of 48,856 individuals and 21,110 families with very few of the families bearing patronymic names. The sources of the information are given.

Both Wilhem Munthe and his son, Gerhard were pioneers in international librarianship and in compiling family histories.