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National Archives of Australia

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National Archives of Australia[edit | edit source]

The National Archives in located in the Australian Capital Territory or ACT.  The website Home Page is  The website motto is "Illuminating the past, guiding the future."  By clicking on the following link, you will get to the subsite for Research guidance:  This is a very good guide for researching online and/or onsite at the Archives. 

RecordSearch holds over 6 million records created by 9000 Australian Government agencies, mostly since
1901. Searchable records include documents, photographs, posters, maps, films and sound recordings. Generally,
30 years after a record is created, the public can access it.

Informational excerpts from the website:[edit | edit source]

"The National Archives makes digital copies of a large number of items in its collection available for viewing
through the RecordSearch and Photosearch databases. See our step-by-step guide to researching the collection for
information on how to find and view records. Records are digitised on demand as part of our national digitisation service. There is also a proactive program to digitise material that is of high-use or high-value. The National Archives publishes a number of online exhibits featuring material from its collections. Many digitised records are also available through our specialised websites:

Uncommon Lives
Documenting a Democracy
Australia's Prime Ministers
We continuously add new descriptions and digital images. Currently, 18.2 million digital images are available for viewing.

Users are defined as: Guest user (Search now), Registered user (Log in), Archives user (Register). Following are the
special access definitions:

Special access[edit | edit source]

If you are:

  • a former governor-general, minister or senior public servant who wishes to refresh memories of events dealt

with while in office

  • an authorised biographer of one of these people
  • a person who has deposited personal records with the Archives
  • a person preparing major works of national significance for publication

you may qualify for special access to the Archives collection. This means you are granted access to records which
are less than 30 years old or which are not publicly available.

Official access is an agreement from an agency to let a particular person access their records for an approved
purpose. It is different from public access because it allows access to records which may not be available to the
public (such as records that are less than 30 years old, records that have not been assessed for public access, or
records which have been assessed and found to contain exempt information).