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The FamilySearch moderator for The Netherlands is Daniel Jones.

WieWasWie is a free database collected from many provincial, regional, and city archives in the Netherlands. Important record types for include baptism, birth, marriage, death, and burial records. It is incomplete, but being added to.

Lessons[edit | edit source]

Overview and Content[edit | edit source]

WieWasWie is the premier site for Dutch records. Its aim is to provide in one place indexes of all Vital Records and other important genealogical records from the Netherlands.

The site contains 167.8 million records from the following sources:

Coverage[edit | edit source]

To check if records are available for a certain town, use WatZitErIn. The types of records will be accurate, but the dates may be incorrect (1000-2099 is a common mistake).

Coverage for Large Cities[edit | edit source]

The information is taken from WatZitErIn.

City Births Marriages Deaths
Rotterdam 1811-1910 1811-1937 1813-1961
's-Gravenhage (The Hague)
1811-1842 1811-1842
Utrecht 1811-1902 1811-1932 1811-1960
Eindhoven 1811-1902 1811-1932 1811-1955
Groningen 1811-1912 1811-1937 1811-1962
Haarlem 1812-1896 1812-1922 1812-1952
Nijmegen 1811-1902 1811-1912 1811-1952

Features and Cost[edit | edit source]

For Free, one may search for one person at a time without wildcards. You can access records and images without restriction. You may have a free account and make comments and corrections to records.

For 18.50 Euro per year or 5.00 Euro per month you may use all the features of the site. This includes searching for two persons at one time and using wildcards. Friends of the CBG get a discount.

The site is currently available in Dutch and English. However, the actual content of the database is not translated.