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New Hampshire State Vital Records Index

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A brief explanation of the New Hampshire State Vital Records Indexes.

The New Hampshire state indexes for vital records are arranged alphabetically by the first and third letters of the surname. The second letter is ignored when looking for the surname.

Heath to Haggerty
Haggerty to Hels
Helay to Hull
Hull to Hunt
Hunt to Hart
Hart to Huse
Huse to Howe

Notice that this index is in alphabetical order by the third letter.

1) Begin your search with the first letter of the surname in the index [H].

2) Ignore the second letter of the surname.

3) The third letter of the surname is used to find the names included for that particular film. For Heath to Haggerty, as shown in the example above, surnames with a third letter between a and g would be included on the film.

4) Three New Hampshire state vital records indexes use the alphabetical first and third indexing system: Index to Births,Bride's Index,Index to Deaths

5) The films associated with these indexes have an explanatory table at the beginning of each film. Find the first letter of the surname on the left side of the table, and the third letter of the surname arranged across the top of the table. The drawer number for your surname is where the two letters intersect. Scroll to the drawer number and begin to search for your surname.