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New Zealand Adoptions[edit | edit source]

Receiving Your Original Birth Certificate[edit | edit source]

If you were adopted in New Zealand, and live in New Zealand, and are 20 years of age, and want to get your  original Birth Certificate, please contact your local Child Youth and Family office, and ask for the Adoption Support Dept.  They will give you the relevant form, cost, Counsellor List, and information required by the Birth Death and Marriage Dept. for you to receive your original birth certificate.

 Further information on this process is available from the Registrar-General's website 

If you were adopted in New Zealand, and live overseas and want your original birth certificate.  please send $15 (price as at Nov. 2008) along with the relevant information requested below.  As prices may change, you can check the price on this website.

Send your request to:

Registrar General
Birth Death and Marriages
P. O. Box 10526,

Marked:  Attention Adult Adoption Information Officer.

Put todays date, your name, current address and phone number and email address.  Then underneath that put your

Full Adopted Name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Full Name of Adoptive Father
Full Name of Adoptive Mother

Your signature

Send this away with the relevant sum of money, to the above address.  As one is living overseas, your Certificate will be sent directly to you.

More information about anything to do with Adoption is available on [1]