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Guide to Province of Northern Cape family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

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Province of Northern Cape
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Historical Overview[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The Northern Cape was one of three provinces carved out of the Cape Province in 1994, the others being Western Cape to the south and Eastern Cape to the southeast. Politically, it had been dominated since 1994 by the African National Congress. Ethnic issues are important in the politics of the Northern Cape.
The Northern Cape is also the home of over 1,000 San who immigrated from Namibia following the independence of the country; they had served as trackers and scouts for the South African Defence Force during the South African Border War, and feared reprisals from their former foes. They were awarded a settlement in Platfontein in 1999 by the Mandela government.

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Church records
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Dutch Reformed Church (NGK)[edit | edit source]

The following list contains the names of the parishes located in the Northern Cape through 1900, and includes the names of the mother parish(es).

Parish Year Established Mother parish
Colesberg 1826 Graaff-Reinet
Richmond 1843 Graaff-Reinet, Beaufort-Wes
Victoria-Wes 1844 Beaufort-Wes
Calvinia 1847 Clanwilliam
Namakwaland 1850 Clanwilliam
Fraserburg 1851 Beaufort-Wes
Hopetown 1854 Colesberg
Sutherland 1855 Worcester
Hanover 1856 Colesberg, Richmond
Dutoitspan 1872 Original parish - ministered by ministers
from the Cape Colony and the OVS
Kimberley 1872 Original parish - ministered by ministers
from the Cape Colony and the OVS
Philipstown 1873 Colesberg
Carnarvon 1874 Victoria-Wes; Whites first administered
to by Rhenish missionaries
Britstown 1877 Richmond, Victoria-Wes, Hopetown
Prieska 1878 Victoria-Wes, Carnarvon
Williston 1878 Carnarvon; Whites first administered
to by missionaries
Griekwastad 1881 Original parish; fell outside the
boundaries of existing congregations
Petrusville 1881 Philipstown
Warrenton 1882 Dutoitspan
Kenhardt 1889 Carnarvon
Strydenburg 1893 Hopetown, Philipstown, Prieska, Britstown
Upington 1893 Original parish; fell outside the
boundaries of existing congregations
Vosburg 1895 Carnarvon, Britstown, Victoria-Wes, Prieska
Nieuwoudtville 1897 Calvinia
Douglas 1897 Griekwastad, Dutoitspan, Kimberley, Hopetown
Brandvlei 1897 Calvinia, Kenhardt, Williston
Loxton 1899 Beaufort-Wes, Carnarvon, Victoria-Wes
Dutch Reformed Church (NHK)[edit | edit source]
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Civil Registration[edit | edit source]

Births, marriages, and deaths began to be registered in 1895.[1]

Emigration[edit | edit source]

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

Land records[edit | edit source]

Occupations[edit | edit source]

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

See here for a description of what probates are and where they are located.

Online Records

School Records[edit | edit source]

Slave Records[edit | edit source]

Tax Records[edit | edit source]

Vital Records[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. The Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Family History Record Profile: Southern Africa,” Word document, private files of the FamilySearch Content Strategy Team, 1987-1998.