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Amt (county) became a new term used from February 19th 1662, it was changed from the previous terms “Len” and “Syssel”. There were several changes to the amt as far as the area they covered. See link to map of amts in 1680, 1760.

In 1815 there were changes as well. See map of amts in 1866.

In 1918 the name amt was changed tofylke and include the same area as they did in 1815 with the exception that several of the names for each fylke was changed to what they are today. See below.

  •  Smaalenenes amt (Østfold)
  •  Akershus amt (Akershus)
  •  Kristiania amt (Kristiania, omdøpt til Oslo i 1925)
  •  Hedemarkens amt (Hedmark)
  •  Kristians amt (Oppland)
  •  Buskerud amt (Buskerud)
  •  Jarlsberg og Larviks amt (Vestfold)
  •  Bratsberg amt (Telemark)
  •  Nedenes amt (Aust-Agder)
  •  Lister og Mandals amt (Vest-Agder)
  •  Stavanger amt (Rogaland)
  •  Søndre Bergenhus amt (Hordaland)
  •  Bergen amt (Bergen)
  •  Nordre Bergenhus amt (Sogn og Fjordane)
  •  Romsdals amt (Møre, omdøpt til Møre og Romsdal i 1935)
  •  Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag)
  •  Nordre Trondhjems amt (Nord-Trøndelag)
  •  Nordlands amt (Nordland)
  •  Tromsø amt (Troms)
  •  Finmarkens amt (Finmark, endret til Finnmark i 1925)

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