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A Kommune is one of the smallest geographical and administrative jurisdictions in Norway.
Norway is divided into 429 geographical divisions. Thekommune has responsibility for basic services such as schools for children ages 6-16, kindergarten for children under age 6, health services, areal community planning, and technical services. In addition kommune boundaries are used with a number of other departments and associations.

Kommune(s) were formed in 1837 and the country was divided into 392 geographical areas with the basis being the clerical district (prestegjeld). In1930 there were 747kommunes. Kommune boundaries changed as the communication changed from water-based to land-based. In 1967 the “Schei committee” reorganized the structure and formed 454 kommunes. Some of the boundaries were later changed back, but since then many have been combined so that in 2012 there are 429 kommunes. There can be a big difference in the number of inhabitants in each kommune. The smallest is Utsira with 216 people and the largest is Oslo with 599,230 inhabitants per January 1, 2011.

All communes are geographically a subdivision of the fylke. Oslo has the distinction of being both a kommune and a fylke.

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