Norwegian Tinglag/Tinglysning/Pantebøker/Panteregister

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Definitions[edit | edit source]

Tinglag - a historical court district. The earliest courts in Norway (Frostating, Gulating, Eidsivating, and Borgarting) were regions which were regulated by a shared set of laws. A tinglag is usually identical to a skipreide (administrative district connected to the raising of a navy during wartime), a herred (local judicial district, similar to an English Hundred) or a prestegjeld (clerical district). Tinglager is also a term for therettskretser (court districts).

Tinglysning - making something known at the court, usually in conjunction with property, that an agreement had been made between two parties. The tinglysning registered the information with the court which made the transaction legal and bnding.

Pantebok (pl. pantebøker) - register containing records of mortgages. These documents are arranged chronologically and are extant from around 1650. These agreements would be recorded in the rettsprotokoll (court journal) after they had been registered (tinglyst) with the court.

Panteregister - indexes index to the transactions recorded in th pantebøker. Each farm has its own page in the panteregister with a chronological overview of the tinglyste documents. These indexes refer to where a given documents can be found in the Pantebok.

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