Ogna Parish, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy

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Guide to Ogna, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Ogna Parish
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Len 1599-1660 Stavanger
Amt 1689-1919 1662-1682: Stavanger stiftamt,
1682-1919: Stavanger amt
Fylke 1919-Present Rogaland
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Prestegjeld Egersund
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Tinglag Egersun
Fogderi Jæderen og Dalene
Sorenskriveri Dalene
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Church Records[edit | edit source]

  • Ogna is a parish in Egersund clerical district. Records begin in 1664. They contain the parishes Ogna and Egersund (Eigersund) with landsognet and ladestedet. These records are available on microfilm at the Family History Library.

  • Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Census Records[edit | edit source]

  • 1900: The 1900 census for Ogna is available on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It contains the persons name, sex, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, marital status, occupation, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information. Also available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

  • 1910: The 1910 census for Ogna is available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Court Records[edit | edit source]

The court records contain reports of civil and criminal actions, including the allodial rights, a system of ownership by which an owner has all rights associated with possessing a property. You will find names, dates, places, and relationships in these records. The records have no indexes, and therefore require time to study. They are excellent sources for genealogical research and at times you can find entire families through several generations. These records must be used in conjunction with the mortgage records, probate records, or other records.

Court records at the Family History Library, 1613-1701

These records are for Jæren and Dalane judicial districts which include these places: Hetland (Frue), Høyland, Klepp, Time (Lye), Håland, Ogna, Sandnes, Helleland, Egersund, Lund, Sokndal, Heskestad, , Bjerkreim, Randaberg, Sola, Madla, Varhaug, Nærbø, and Gjestal in Rogaland county.

Land Records[edit | edit source]

Availability[edit | edit source]

Jæren og Dalane judicial district
*1666-1822 Family History Library
*1667-1860 Digitalarkivet
*1666-1815 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name Digitalarkivet

Jæren judicial district
*1763-1821 Family History Library
*1859-1896 Digitalarkivet.

Jæren deanery
*1763-1821 Clerical probate records Family History Library
*1763-1821 Digitalarkivet.

Farm Book[edit | edit source]

Farm books with vital information on farm residents in Nærbø, Hå, and Ogna, Rogaland co., Norway. Hå community includes Varhaug and Vigrestad in Jæren district. (Corrections for Varhaug and Vigrestad are found in Vol. 3 Ogna, pages 295-299.)

Edland, Torgeir, "Gards og ættesoge" Hå: Hå kommune, 1971-1975. 948.31/H3 D2ea Vol. 1 for Nærbø-- Vol. 2 for Hå-- Vol. 3 for Ogna FHL Intl Book

Index to: Gards- og ættesoge for Ogna (farms 84-124), Rogaland co., Norway.

History of farms and families in the vicinity of Ogna, Rogaland, Norway. Includes Topdal, Risnes, Eikeland Aua, Matningsdal, Homse and Nordre Hetland, and Vetteland.

Tjåland, Johan, "Øvra Bygdå": folket og eigedomane gjennom dei siste 500 åra," Matningsdal [Norway] : J. Tjåland, 2004 948.31/O1 D2t  FHL INTL Book

FArm Names[edit | edit source]

28 Bjelland store, 27 Bø, 15 Bogsdalen, 18 Bru, br>
31 Egren, 38 Eigelands-Aua

34 Foreholen, 22 Fristad, 28 Fuglestad

29 Halland søndre, 30 Haugsengen, 6 Haver, 34 Heresvele, 32 Hetland nordre, 11 Hetland søndre, 39 Homse, 10 Hylland,

2 Kalvshagen, 5 Kinnervaag, 28 Kirkeneset, 19 Kvalbein, 20 Kvasseim, 21 Kvasseimsheien, 25 Kverme

28 Langholen, 13 Lintjøn,

35 Matnisdal, 14 Mjølhus

12 Ogne, 8 Ognesanden

37 Risnes, 23 Roligheden

26 Sandve, 8 Sirevaag, 9 Sørskog, 8 Steinen, 24 Stokkeland, 24 Stovebakken, 4 Stølen,

32 Teigene, 36 Tovdal

40 Ueland

17 Varden, 1 Vatnemo, 3 Vatnemoholmene ,16 Veggeberget, 33 Vetteland

41 Øvrebø

Bø, Bogsdalen, Bru,

Eikeland, Egren,

Friestad, Fuglestad,

Hadland, Haugseng, Haver, Herredsvela, Hetland, Hølland, Homse,

Kalvehagen, Kindervåg, Kvalbein, Kvasheim, Kvasheimheien, Kverme med Brusand,


Matingsdal, Mjølhus,



Risnes, Roligheden,

Sandve, Sirevåg, Søre-Hetland, Sørskog, Stølen, Stokkeland,

Topdal eller Tofdal, Tovdal,


Varden, Vatnamot, Vatnamothomane, Veggeberg, Vetteland,


References[edit | edit source]

Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names