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Notes[edit | edit source]

Note: Please do not create requests for issues related to images being out of order.

Note: Soundex is a phonetic index that groups together names that sound alike but are spelled differently, for example, Stewart and Stuart. This helps searchers find names that are spelled differently than originally expected, a relatively common genealogical research problem. For more information, read about Soundex in Wiki.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: The records in this collection do not seem to have an order. Can you explain this?
Answer 1: The information in this collection is confusing to search. According to the catalog the Soundex information was microfilmed in two columns. This information was merged when the records went online. While there is a rough alphabetical order, because it switches between the two series you have to go alphabetical within the series. For instance: at the waypoint Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Passenger List Index Cards, 1883-1948 > O 654 Jose - P 360 Ernst: Part 3> Image 1 of 5000 the first image is numbered P263. The second image is numbered P200. The next image moves to P262, but continues to alternate with P200. The first series of images switch back and forth between these two series. By grouping all the P262 images together and all the P200 together, you have a rough alphabetical order in each series.

Some of the records seem to have been filmed backwards as well. A more detailed example is found in the waypoint: S 435 Master T. - S 530 James Gene> Part 1 begins in Soundex order then at image 119 we find S-530-James Gene who should be the last record in part 4. At this point the S-530 records begin to be inserted into the waypoint at approximately every other record with the Soundex numbers and related given names going in reverse order. The 400s Soundex numbers are getting larger and the 500 Soundex numbers are getting smaller. This process continues through parts 1-4 of S 435 Master T. - S 530 James Gene. At the end of part 4, we end up with S-416 and S-416. In other words the records meet in the middle with S-516, Sara and S-516, Sandor

Part 1 begins with S-435 Master T and ends with S-452, Kasimir and S-530, Charles
Part 2 begins with S-530, Mrs. Chas and S-452 Kasimir. It ends with S-252 Julia, and S-460, Lorenzo and has a STOWAWAY added with no Soundex code.
Part 3 begins with S-460, Lotta and S-525, Josif. It ends with S-520, Saib and S-522, Engernia.
Part 4 begins with S-500, Saidou and S-522, Encarnacion. It ends with S-516, Sara and S-516, Sandor.