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Sited on Longitude 138 degrees 51 minutes 14.4 seconds South and Latitude 34 degrees 51 minutes 41.5 seconds East, it is the principal port of the State of South Australia and lies 12 kms to the West of the capital city, Adelaide. South Australia was a former Colony of Great Britain and, since 1901, is a member State of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The State occupies the Southern central area of the Continent of Australia. The City lies on a waterway called the Port Adelaide River which was originally a tidal creek that has been dredged to form a port capable of taking medium-sized shipping. The river flows out to the Gulf St Vincent which together with Spencer Gulf extend into the Continent from Kangaroo Island and the Southern Ocean. The river area adjacent to the city is called the Inner Harbor and a berthing facility was later formed at the mouth of the river to facilitate heavy container shipping and large overseas vessels, which is called Outer Harbor.

The City centre is surrounded by settled areas and forms part of the Western suburbs of Adelaide. The Councils of Port Adelaide and Enfield combined to form the Council of Port Adelaide Enfield whose Civic Centre is situated in Nile Street, Port Adelaide.