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"Putting Documents as Sources in FS Family Tree"

What's Up?[edit | edit source]

Guide to Putting Documents in FamilySearch Family Tree as Sources. This Lesson Guide contains written Steps and Images that show how to add both online and unpublished documents to your Tree. Following this lesson guide leads to a valuable hands-on practical experience for the beginner/intermediate level FT user in attaching these kinds of records to their ancestors.

There are many instances where it is desirable to enter a Document as a Source in an individual's Details page in Family Tree.  This is particularly true when the document establishes/verifies the name, date and place of a person's vital event (i.e. birth register/certificate, marriage record, etc.). 

While documents found in the Family Search digital databases can be easily attached as a Source to a person, using the Source Linker, (see Wiki page "Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker") often documents are found on other websites (free or subscription) or in the  possession of a family member or other individual.  Records found in these other places ought to be added to Family Tree using a different series of STEPS that are found on the following Steps with Pictures Guide.

STEPS with Pictures Guide[edit | edit source]

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Related FT Resources[edit | edit source]

  • FSFamilyTreeUserGroup Resources: "Adding Sources in Family Tree"[1] by Heather McPhie. Audio visual presentation of how to add sources.