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Introduction[edit | edit source]

A biography is a history of a person’s life. A biography may give you birth, marriage, and death information and the names of parents, spouse, children, or other family members. Use the information from a biography cautiously because there may be inaccuracies.

You may locate individual or family biographies in the Surname Search of the FamilySearch Catalog.

Biographies have been gathered and published in collections of biographies, sometimes called biographical encyclopedias or dictionaries. These usually include only biographies of prominent or well-known subjects. However, some collections of biographies are of specific groups such as ministers, painters, poets, radicals, or writers.

It is important to note that currently there is little in the way of individual or collective biographies on individuals born in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or for those who have had great influence or participation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines politically, socially, or otherwise. One would hope this will change in the future.

If your ancestor played an important part in a group or occupation, do a Place Search for Vincentian's in any British, Scottish, Canadian, North American, and Latin American biography archives, since people of note may be recorded in these. Although Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has little to do with Latin America many historical groups have collected Caribbean information which can include biographical details from Vincentian figures. Little work has been done on collections of biographies of African, Indian, or Portuguese descendant who have lived and died in the St. Vincent islands.

Sources[edit | edit source]

For prominent historical figures, leaders, artists, businessmen, or religious the following sources may help:

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You may find some collections under the localities listed above and then the subject "GENEALOGY."