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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

Center Contacts and Hours[edit | edit source]

(See below for information on personal access to Family Search Online website from your home and assistance with your personal Family History issues)

Location Map:


  • 106 Greenlawn Lane, Salisbury MD 21804 United States
  • Language: English (Spanish available on request)


  • Family History Center Office Phone: 1-410-742-9431

Carol Cole, Family History Center Director: 410-430-3700

Russ Wheeler, Family History Leader: 513-668-8260



Open Hours: (Below are the Official Hours; Other hours are available on request via in person, phone or email... and we are flexible to the needs of the patrons)

  • Tuesday: 5:00-8;00 p.m.
  • Thursday: 5:00-8:00 p.m.


We will continue to comply with local directives and policies announced by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Appointments may be made by calling Carol Cole 410-430-3700 or Russ Wheeler 513-668-8260.

Holiday Schedule:

We follow the Wicomico County school schedule for holiday closings and for inclement weather closings.

Calendar and Events[edit | edit source]

Delmarva Family History Conference in the Salisbury Civic Center: Fall 20XX--Further information will be available later.

Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

We offer no regular events at this Family History Center because....we don't need to do it. Most all events are now either Online or will be advertised on this site.

There are also many free Online Tutorials offered via the FamilySearch website. When you sign up for your free FamilySearch account, you assign yourself a FamilySearch user name and password.

This user name and password will give the user access to the FamilySearch website and FamilySearch Wiki (which is a gold mine of information and lessons, all free).

Access to the FamilySearch website and Wiki are possible with the above user/password....both at the Family History Center and at your own home or other personal access point.

Class Schedule[edit | edit source]

No classes offered except those Online. One especially good and comprehensive training site for beginners thru experts is "The". This site is also free and covers tutorials and videos for HOW TO DO family history in most countries in the world....very well done and worth a look. It is accessible thru the FamilySearch website. All tutorials are offered Online for all levels of ability...and for many, many countries...even different languages.

Online classes include virtually any topic known in Family History research offered many times by experts in the respective fields.

Staff Training Meetings[edit | edit source]

Training of Staff is an on going effort and is generally done via Online sources.

Collections[edit | edit source]

This Family History Center has some old texts, manual and how to documents. However, most assistance is now On-Line via FamilySearch Wiki (which is magnificent!)

Databases and Software[edit | edit source]

This Family History Center provides all access to other databases and websites as advertised...all thru the FamilySearch website. No other software is necessary.

Family History Center Portal This Family History Center (and all other Church Family History Centers worldwide) access the Family History Center "Portal" page..... this "Portal" is the mechanism that gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites. Many of these premium sites charge money for subscriptions... but they are free at the the Family History Centers worldwide.

Hardware and Equipment[edit | edit source]

At this Family History Center in Salisbury, Maryland...we have two (2) Dell computers, large screen access on each to the FHC Portal and FamilySearch Wiki and all the other amenities listed above.

Center Services[edit | edit source]

This Family History Center is staffed by consultants who will be able to assist with:

1. Initializing an account with FamilySearch (which is free and can be accessed from your home),
2. Navigation of the FamilySearch website as well as those other sites that are freely accessible from the Library's own computers
3. Recommend search techniques and other suggestions for your individual family lines

Staff Research Specialties[edit | edit source]

All specialties are accessed "On Line"....and are available at the Family History Center near you or from your own computer or home.

Resources in the Local Area[edit | edit source]

Salisbury University, Library, Nabb Research Center, microfilm and fiche with readers, Regional, Maryland State and Local books and large reader area,

Maryland State Archives, (formerly the Hall of Records), Annapolis, Maryland; repository of most Maryland state and local records from 1634; Website:

Links[edit | edit source]

( 'FAMILYSEARCH WIKI'......... If you have not tried this it now;)[edit | edit source]

(Access to many topics is found on the view you are looking at,...... look to the top left of this screen....try is huge)[edit | edit source]

(Access to this 'WIKI' link is also available within 'FamilySearch' .....for ANY questions you may have; FamilySearch 'Help' uses it !!)[edit | edit source]

  • Using the FamilySearch Research Wiki:
  • This is a comprehensive video presentation explaining the Wiki and navigating it. The Wiki includes MANY especially useful pages as well as
  • case studies that demonstrate how to use the FamilySearch Wiki for genealogical research. Editing and adding articles to the Wiki are also covered.

Maryland State Archives (Annapolis, Maryland)

Allen County Public Library (Awesome Library in Northern Indiana) This site includes many surprising documents and scanned books available few other locations.

Library of Congress (Washington DC) (SUGGESTION: Get a LOC Reader Card, available at the LOC in Washington, DC for free.

If you are not a student or not allied with a university, the LOC Readers Card is a way to get access to On Line scanned books and documents from many places.

Volunteer at the Center[edit | edit source]