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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course Canadian Vital Statistics Records Part 2  by by Sharon L. Murphy. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

In Saskatchewan the adoption search service is referred to as Post Adoption Services and the following people are eligible for this service: adults who were adopted as children; birth parents (including birth fathers in some circumstances); birth family members; and parents who have adopted a child (adoptive parents).

Once the adoptee has registered in the Passive Registry they can request (in writing) and will receive the non-identifying information as follows: background information about the birth family such as ethnic origin, physical descriptions, occupational skills and interests.

A search must be requested; it does not happen automatically when the adoptee registers. Once the person is located they are asked if they wish contact with the applicant. A certified copy of the original birth registration may be requested at this time if both parties agree. Both parties do not have to be registered for the search to take place.

There is also a Passive registration that does not result in a search. If two parties are registered on the Passive list then both are contacted to determine if they wish to have a reunion. Requests for contact with birth family members require consent of the birth parent.

The Adoptive Parent / Birth Mother may also request:

  1. the Non-Identifying information
  2. search and contact services (if adopted child is under 18 years of age)
  3. Passive registration
  4. Certified copy of original birth registration (only if the birth parents agree in writing)

Birth Fathers must contact the Post Adoption Services Department to determine if they are eligible for these services.

The Birth Family Member (sibling, grandparent) may also request:

  1. Passive Registration on Adoptee’s record
  2. Contact with the Adoptee with the Birth Mother’s consent
  3. Non-Identifying information with Birth Mother’s consent

Adoptions finalized before 1 September 1996: With the written consent of the adopted adult and birth parent, a copy of the adopted adult’s original birth registration may be released. This registration contains information that identifies both parties concerned.

Post Adoption Registry
1920 Broad Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3V6
Telephone: 306-787-3654 Toll Free: 1-800-667-7539


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