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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • NOTE: The Slovakia, Prešov Region Church Books (Hungarian Place-Names), 1592–1906 collection has been removed from Only the Slovakian version of the place-names is available. To find the corresponding Hungarian-to-Slovakian place-names, see the Conversion Table of Historic Hungarian Names to Corresponding Slovakian Names.
  • NOTE: FamilySearch strives to place records accurately, but with the changing jurisdictions, languages, and relocation of records over decades, the current placement could be challenged.
  • NOTE: Pages that appear to be duplicate are not removed because significant genealogical information could be lost if a detail is not readily apparent.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question #1: I get a message “Image not Available” for some of the records even when I am signed in. Can I view the records?
Answer 1: Whenever possible, FamilySearch makes images available for all users. However, ultimate rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians. Records in the Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592–1910 collection must be greater than 100 years old. If any record on a digital folder contains a record after 1914, the entire digital folder is restricted, even if a camera icon exists beside the record. FamilySearch respects and strives to adhere to all privacy laws respective to providing access to genealogical records. The collections are reviewed annually for inclusion of new unrestricted records.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question #2: When trying to view records from the record detail page, the image viewer displays no waypoints or navigation icons. How can I view the records?
Answer 2: Certain restricted films include images beyond the 100 year cut-off date for displaying records. As a result, the indexed records are viewable but without browse capability for the entire film or additional pages of a record. If a particular film is not available online when browsing, then the film is available to order. For example, images for Sered, Slovakia, are indexed and available for viewing from the record detail pages. However, the browse capability prior to 1853 is not available.

Question 3[edit | edit source]

Question #3: How can I find records for small parishes?
Answer 3: Many records of smaller parishes are registered in a nearby larger town. Search through the images or use the Catalog Keywords search to find the parish.

Question 4[edit | edit source]

Question #4: Some records are missing. Where can the records be viewed?
Answer 4: See answers below for information about known missing records and respective film numbers, if available, or alternate online location:

  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Medzilaborce > Vyšná Oľka > Baptisms (Krsty) 1871–1880, Marriages (Manželstvá) 1814–1880, Deaths (Úmrtia) 1814–1880, Baptisms (Krsty) 1881–1910 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1881–1947 Deaths (Úmrtia) 1881–1941, Baptisms, marriages (Krsty, manželstvá) 1869–1871 Krsty is missing page 217. View the records on Film 1920565
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bytča > Veľká Bytča > Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1628–1724 is missing pages 234 and 235 after Image 200. View the records on Film 1978895
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dolný Kubín > Veličná > Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1757–1843 is missing pages 516–517 between images 136–137. View the records on Film 2062279
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Kežmarok > Lechnica > Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths (Krsty, birmovaní, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1766–1832 is missing pages 33 and 34. View the records on Film 1739439
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Šaľa > Žihárec > Deaths (Úmrtia) 1884–1891 (Inv. č. 2857) is missing pages 29 and 30. View the records on Film 2435671
  • Film 2420547, Items 3-4: Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Trenčín > Soblahov records are not available online
  • Film 2422296, Item 1: Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dunajská Streda > Šamorín > inv. č. 2207 (pokrač.) Krsty 1733–1741 is not available online
  • Film 2440539, Item 3: Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dunajská Streda > Šamorín > inv. č. 2207 Krsty 1724–1733 is not available online

Question 5[edit | edit source]

Question #5: The Religion, County, Place (browse path) or Event, Volume, and Year Range (waypoint) does not properly reflect the actual digital record content. How can I determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection?
Answer 5: The list contains known browse discrepancies existing in the collection:

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION ERRORS Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) >

  • Gelnica > Kluknava > Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths (Krsty, birmovaní, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1720–1896 actually contain records from Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Kojsov
  • Lučenec > Lucenec > Baptism (Krsty) 1870–1887 actually contains Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records


  • Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Giraltovce > Hanušovce nad Topľou is actually in Vranov nad Topľou County
  • Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Veľky Berezny > Sol should be Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Vranov nad Topľou > Sol
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Michalovce > Topoľčany actually contain records for the town of Topolyán
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Prešov > Nižný Žipov: the correct County is Košice, not Prešov
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Stará Ľubovňa > Starina > Baptisms, marriages, deaths 1845–1868 (Inv. č. 1156) actually contains records from Snina County
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Stropkov > Ladomirová > Baptisms (Krsty) 1879–1925 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1875–1949 Baptisms, closed marriages (Krsty, uzavretých manželstiev) 1862–1895: Images 1–366 appear to have government records from Ladomirov. The remaining images are Greek Catholic church records from Ladomirová
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bánovce and > Bánovce nad Bedravou are the same county
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bánovce > Malá Hradná, and > Bánovce > Malé Hoste actually contain records in Bánovce nad Bedravou County
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dolnie Vašardice > Lukáčovce actually contained records from Nitra County
  • Roman Catholic (Rimsko-katolicka cirkev) > Vranov nad Topl'ou > Nižný Hrušov records can be found in Michalovce County
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Kralupy nad Vltavou actually contains records from Nové Zámky County
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Krupina > Selce > Deaths (Úmrtia) 1774–1857; Deaths (Úmrtia) 1858–1902; and Marriages (Manželstvá) 1887–1904 should be located in Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Banská Bystrica > Selce
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Krupina > Žihárec:

> Baptisms (Krsty) 1728–1770 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1729–1774 Miscellaneous records (Rôzne záznamy) 1728–1730; > Baptisms (Krsty) 1770–1778 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1773–1778 Deaths (Úmrtia) 1728–1778 Miscellaneous records (Rôzne záznamy) 1749–1752 Baptism index (Zoznam krstov) 1728–1778 Conversions (Konvertiti) 1729–1777; and > Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1779–1826 Conversions (Konvertiti) 1780–1853 should be located in Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Šaľa > Žihárec.

  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Modrý Kameň > Želovce are correct for waypoints Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1744–1777 (Inv. Č. 1654) and Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1855–1870 (Inv. Č. 1651 (pokrač.)); but remaining waypoints actually contain records from Ziar Nad Hronom > Banský Studenec
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Sabinov > Sarisske Dravce actually contain records for the towns of Bajerovce and Nizna Sebastova


  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Michalovce > Voľa > The portion of the waypoint “…Deaths (Úmrtia) 1805–1811 Deaths (Úmrtia) 1814–1825….” should read as “...Marriages (Manželstvá) 1805–1811 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1814–1825...."
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bratislava > Sv. Martina (Part III) > Marriages (Manželstvá) 1869–1871 actually are Marriages (Manželstvá) 1869–1874.
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dunajská Streda > Okoč >Baptisms (Krsty) 1825–1845 (Inv. č. 1624) includes Baptism (Krsty) 1825–1837 and Marriage (Manželstvá) 1837–1845
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Myjava > Brezová pod Bradlom > Deaths (Úmrtia) 1868–1903 (Inv. č. 393a) actually contains Births (Krsty) 1831–1873 (Inv. č. 393a)
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Nové Mesto nad Váhom > Podolie > Baptisms (Krsty) 1758–1797 (Inv. č. 1802 (pokrač.) contains both birth and death records. Images 1–105 and 207 to the end of film are birth records; and images 104–206 are death records
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Nové Zámky > Nové Zámky > Baptisms (Krsty) 1862, 1869–1878 should read as Marriages (Manželstvá) 1862, 1869–1878
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Nové Zámky > Nové Zámky > Death index (Zoznam úmrtí) 1799–1833 should read as Death index (Zoznam úmrtí) 1753–1869
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Stará Ďala > Dvory nad Žitavou > Deaths, index (Úmrtia, zoznam) 1811–1883 year span should be 1881–1883