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The Smedskivan 7 CD-Rom can be accessed at the Family History Library on the desktop. The CD-Rom No. is 7225. It is the most updated version of the smiths database available.

This database contains family-linked records for all kinds of smiths in Sweden. It contains over 200,000 individuals born between 1560 and 1930. The information comes from a variety of sources and should be considered a secondary source. While some sources are provided, it is not without error and each family should be checked for accuracy.

The families are linked into family group and pedigree forms, similar to a standard family tree program. In addition, biographical information is provided about many (especially the early immigrants.)

The spellings of names in the database are standardized. As many of the early smith families of the 1600’s and earlier were of French and German origin, original spellings have been retained.
Foreign names will have the most common spellings of the names. This is a helpful database for those with Vallon ancestry.

For many of these foreigners, a birthplace or area of origin is provided. This can provide the necessary information to continue researching in earlier records in another country.

Once the CD-Rom is opened, a list of names appears on the left-side of the screen. A description is provided in the middle of the screen, summarized above. Tabs to the Right link to the database itself, as well as other sources. The following is a translation of the Tabs for ease of access.

Register över efternamn Index by last name
Register över fornamn Index by first name
Register över födelseorter Index by birthplace
Register över födelsesocknar Index by birth parish
Register over födelsedatum Index by birthdate
Förkörtningar Abbreviations
Källor List of Sources
Bruksbilder Pictures of foundries
Bruksinfomation Link to (providing information on the foundaries)
Smedsrötter Link to Smedsrötter society on

For more about Vallon ancestry and research methods, see: Vallons in Sweden

References[edit | edit source]

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