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Note[edit | edit source]

NOTE: For a way to determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection or how to find missing images elsewhere, see Article 56000, Using Film Notes in the Catalog to determine the content of a final waypoint in Historical Records.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: The records locate in the waypoint Jaén > Jimena > Jimena > Padrones 1641 indicate that they are from the Ayuntamiento (town hall) of Sevilla. What is their correct locality?
Answer 1: The waypoint Padrones 1641 would be from the locality of Jimena de la Frontera, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. Andalucía is divided into eight provinces: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla; its capital is the city of Sevilla. The Archdiocese of Sevilla is part of the Catholic Church in Sevilla, Spain; it has the suffragan dioceses of Cádiz and Ceuta, Córdoba, Huelva, Canaries, Jerez de la Frontera, and San Cristóbal de La Laguna or Tenerife. Jimena, Jaén, Andalucía, Spain is not in close proximity to Sevilla, as is Jimena de la Frontera, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. In addition, the film associated with Padrones 1641 (Film 2412863) is located in the Catalog as from the municipality of Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain.