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|name=The Virginia Genealogical Society|native_name=|name_color=|back_color=9999cc#e8f2Ff
The === Purpose of the Society === === Help the Society Can Provide === ==== Record Collections ==== (Name of collection) <br>  *Located: (Online, onsite) <br> *How to access: (order information, website) <br> *Why search this record: (can link to wiki article) <br> (Continue to add any additional collections) <br>  (Repeat bullets above of info about the collection. If there are too many collections to list, you can add a link to your society's webpage)<br>  ==== Indexes for (add County/town/state name here) ==== *(Name of index (if online add link to name of index) - How to access: (if not online, order info. If it is online, remove "How to access.")&nbsp; If there are too many to list, you can link to your society''The Virginia Genealogical s webpage. See the Society Page Form for examples.)<br> ==== Publications In the Society's Holdings ==== ===== Books ===== *(general description or list of titles; if there are too many to list, you can link to your society's webpage)<br> ===== Periodicals ===== *(general description of list of titles; if there are too many to list, you can link to your society' ... s webpage)<br>
== Benefits === Family Files =====
*What are the benefits for becoming a member (general description or list of the society? *What are the benefits the society has surnames - this can include any paper files you want to offer for those who are not members?list)<br>
== History of the society === Misc =====
*(general descriptions)<br>
== Society Officers == Publications for Sale ====
*(link to website selling publications) <br>
== Society Projects == Look-up Services ====
*(Instructions and fees) <br>
=== Current Projects ===*(List of local repositories willing to visit)<br>
*==== How to Do Research in (add name of town/county here) ====
=== FamilySearch Wiki Projects ===*(list of classes whether online or onsite)<br>
*==== Local Repositories Society Members Visit ====
=== FamilySearch Wiki Page Adoptions ===*(list of repositories your members visit to do genealogy)<br>
*=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===
=== Past Projects ==='''Cost of membership and how to join:'''<br>
*'''Unlimited Online Access to:'''<br>
== Publications ==*(List of online databases)
== Newsletters =='''Free Look-ups:'''
*(List of look-ups) <br>
== Collections =='''Field Trips:'''
*(Include any other additional benefits of membership in your society):
== Events = Society Happenings ===
*==== Meetings ====
=== Society Meetings ===(details of meetings: how often, where, when, what is the purpose of the meeting, i.e., genealogical instruction, planning projects, etc.) <br>
*==== Workshops ====
=== Workshops ===(details: topics, when, where, cost, etc.) <br>
*==== Board Meetings ====
=== Board Meetings ===(details of board meetings: how often, where, when, who is invited) <br>
*=== Society Projects ===
=== Training Meetings = Indexing ====
*(List each project)
== Frequently Asked Questions == Other Projects ====
;Q. What are the directions to the society? :A.*(List each project)
;Q. What are the society's hours of operation? :A.==== Past Projects ====
[[Category:Societies]] [[Category:Virginia_Societies]]*(List each project)<br>

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