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==== Publications for Sale ====
The Virginia Genealogical Society [ publications program] includes three major series:  <br>
*''Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents: 1732-1776'' (vols. 4-8).&nbsp;Land patent records are an invaluable genealogical and historical resource for researchers of early Virginia. The Virginia Genealogical Society has issued five volumes taking the three volumes of Nell Marion Nugent's abstracts of Virginia land patents to 1776.
=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===
Members of the Virginia Genealogical Society enjoy:<br>
Members of the Virginia Genealogical Society enjoy:   *''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy''. Published quarterly; covers primarily Virginia records. Copies of back issues are available.*The ''Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter''. Published bi-monthly; winner of the 1996 and 1997 National Genealogical Society Newsletter Competition. Contains feature articles, queries, book reviews, column "Glad You Asked That...," and announcements. Copies of back issues are available.*Access to the Members-Only section of the VGS website, with premium articles and information of interest to the Virginia researcher.*The names of Friends, Patrons, Benefactors, and Life Members are published in the ''Newsletter''.*Discounted registration fees for conferences.
*Twenty percent discount on Society publications.
Please see more membership information on our [ web site].
=== Society Happenings ===
==== Board Meetings ====
(details The Board of board meetings: how often, where, whenGovernors meets on the first Sunday of the last month of each quarter at its administrative offices in Richmond, who is invited) <br> Virginia.
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