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==== Publications for Sale ====
The Virginia Genealogical Society [ publications program] &nbsp;includes three major series:<br>
*''Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents: 1732-1776'' (vols. 4-8).&nbsp;Land patent records are an invaluable genealogical and historical resource for researchers of early Virginia. The Virginia Genealogical Society has issued five volumes taking the three volumes of Nell Marion Nugent's abstracts of Virginia land patents to 1776.
*''Index to Virginia Estates: 1800-1865'' (10 vols).&nbsp;Index of all Virginia estate-related records found in will books and other collections, typically on microfilm. This ten-volume set has been completed geographically. Funding for this series has been made possible in part by a grant from the Richard Slatten Endowment for Virginia History of The Community Foundation in memory of Richard Slatten, a former President of the Virginia Genealogical Society.
*''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy'' vols. 1-40 are available on CD; vols. 34-45 are available for purchase as printed back issues.<br>
To learn more about and purchase publications, visit the [ Store] on our web site.
==== Look-up Services ====
*Twenty percent discount on Society publications.
Please see To learn more membership information on our , visit the&nbsp;[ Membership]&nbsp;page on our web site].
==== Meetings ====
(details The Society holds an annual membership meeting as part of meetings: how often, where, whenits spring conference, what which is usually scheduled in April at the purpose LIbrary of Virginia in Richmond. Please visit the meeting, i&nbsp;[ Home] or [http://www.vgs.eorg/index., genealogical instruction, planning projects, etcphp?option=com_gcalendar&view=google&Itemid=22 Events]&nbsp;page on our web site for announcements and notifications.) <br>
==== Workshops ====
==== Board Meetings ====
The Board of Governors meets at its the Society's administrative offices in Richmond, Virginia,&nbsp;on the first Sunday of the last month of each quarter.
=== Society Projects ===


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