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*and share accumulated knowledge.<br>
=== Help the Society Can Provide ===
==== Record Collections =Help the Society Can Provide ===
*'''Virtual VIGR''' (Name Virginia Institute for Genealogical Research) collects articles of collection) interest to Virginia genealogical research, for the use of individual and family members of the Society. Access to Virtual VIGR is not available to institutions or individuals who are not active members of the Society.*'''Virginia Research Aids.&nbsp;'''This section includes:<br>
*Located: (Online#Featured web site. This section, onsite) <br> like the VIGR articles, is updated periodically with web sites that aid the Virginia researcher in some way. These, for the most part, are Virginia specific sites. They may encompass the entire state or a local site.&nbsp;*How #Miscellaneous. This section includes articles that may not be Virginia specific but are, nonetheless, of value to access: (order informationthe Virginia researcher. Additionally, website) <br> *Why search this record: (can link to wiki article) <br>it contains the ''Newsletter'' queries.
(Continue *Because of its close proximity to add any additional collections) <br> the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society, the Society does not maintain a research facility, library, or surname material.
(Repeat bullets above of info about the collection. If there are too many collections to list, you can add a link to your society's webpage)<br>
==== Indexes for (add County/town/state name here) ====
*(Name of index (if online add link to name of index) - How to access: (if not online, order info. If it is online, remove "How to access.")&nbsp; If there are too many to list, you can link to your society's webpage. See the Society Page Form for examples.)<br>
==== Publications In the Society's Holdings ====
===== Books =====
*(general description or list of titles; if there are too many to list, you can link to your society's webpage)<br>
===== Periodicals =====
*(general description of list of titles; if there are too many to list, you can link to your society's webpage)<br>
===== Family Files =====
*(general description or list of surnames - this can include any paper files you want to list)<br>
===== Misc =====
*(general descriptions)<br>
==== Publications for Sale ====
*''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy'' vols. 1-40 are available on CD; vols. 34-45 are available for purchase as printed back issues.<br>
To learn more about and purchase publications, visit the [ Store] on our web site.
==== Look-up Services ====
*(list of repositories your members visit to do genealogy)<br>
=== ===
=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===


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