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=== Help the Society Can Provide ===
*Because of its close proximity to the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society, the Society does not maintain a research facility, library, or surname material'''.'''
*'''Virtual VIGR''' (Virginia Institute for Genealogical Research) collects articles of interest to Virginia genealogical research, for the use of individual and family members of the Society. Access to Virtual VIGR is not available to institutions or individuals who are not active members of the Society.
*'''Virginia Research Aids.&nbsp;'''This section includes:<br>
#Miscellaneous. This section includes articles that may not be Virginia specific but are, nonetheless, of value to the Virginia researcher. Additionally, it contains the ''Newsletter'' queries.
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 15px; font-weight: bold; ">Publications for Sale</span>
The Virginia Genealogical Society publications program&nbsp;includes three major series:<br>
*''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy'' vols. 1-40 are available on CD; vols. 34-45 are available for purchase as printed back issues.<br>
To learn more about and purchase publications, visit the [ Store] on our web site.  ==== Look-up Services ==== (Instructions and fees) <br>  *(List of local repositories willing to visit)<br> ==== How to Do Research in (add name of town/county here) ==== *(list of classes whether online or onsite)<br> ==== Local Repositories Society Members Visit ==== *(list of repositories your members visit to do genealogy)
=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===
==== Meetings ====
The Society holds an annual membership meeting as part of its spring conference, which is usually scheduled in April at the LIbrary of Virginia in Richmond. Please visit the&nbsp;[ Home] or [ Events]&nbsp;page on our web site for announcements and notifications.<br>
==== Workshops ====
The Societyholds two conferences each year: one in the spring in Richmond, Virginia; and one in the fall at various locations around the state.&nbsp;Please visit the [ Home] or [ Events] page on our web site for announcements and notifications.<br>
==== Board Meetings ====
The Board of Governors meets at the Society's administrative offices in Richmond, Virginia,&nbsp;on the first Sunday of the last month of each quarter. Please visit the [ Contacts] page on our web site for a list of officers.
=== Society Projects ===


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