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{{Name=Virginia Genealogical SocietyImage=Image size=150Established=1960Address=1900 Byrd Avenue, Suite 104, Richmond, Virginia 23230-3033Telephone=(804) 285-8954 Fax=E-mail=vagensoc@aol.comWebsite=http:''www.vgs.orgPresident=Shirley Wilcox, CGVice President=Donald W. Moore, CGMembership Cost=$35Affiliations=FGS, NGSLast Updated=May 24, 2012}}{{Infobox Societies
*''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy'' vols. 1-40 are available on CD; vols. 34-45 are available for purchase as printed back issues.<br>
To learn more about and purchase publications, visit the [ Store] on our web site.<br>
=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===
==== Board Meetings ====
The Board of Governors meets at the Society's administrative offices in Richmond, Virginia,&nbsp;on the first Sunday of the last month of each quarter. Please visit the [ Contacts] page on our web site for a list of officers.
=== Society Projects ===


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