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==== Workshops ====
The Society holds two conferences each year: one in the spring in Richmond, Virginia; and one in the fall at various locations around the state. 
The &nbsp;2012 Fall Conference, entitled "Lynchburg and Appomattox: Moving Towards The End of the Long Conflict," will be held on October 12-13,&nbsp;2012 at the Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Virginia (Friday) and the Kirkley Hotel &amp; Conference Center, 2900 Chandlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg, Virginia (Saturday).&nbsp;You can register for the conference on our web site [ here]. Be sure you are logged in with your member account prior to ordering online to receive the member's discount.&nbsp;VGS and BGSI (Bedford Genealogical Society, Inc.) members pay $36 through September 29th.&nbsp;Non-members pay $45 through September 29th.&nbsp;After September 29th, prices go up by $10 for everyone, so register early!&nbsp;Online registration will end after October 8th to allow time to organize event details. You can register by phone or as a walk-in after October 8th, but we cannot guarantee that a meal will be available.&nbsp;No refunds will be made after October 1st.<br>
Please visit the [ Home] or [ Events] page on our web site for announcements and notifications.<br>


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