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*Because of its close proximity to the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society, the Society does not maintain record collections, a research facility, library, or surname material'''.'''
*'''[ Virtual VIGR]''' (Virginia Institute for Genealogical Research) collects '''articles ''' of interest to Virginia genealogical research for the use of individual and family members of the Society. Access to Virtual VIGR is not available to institutions or individuals who are not active members of the Society.
*'''[ Virginia Research Aids]. '''This section includes:
#Featured web site. This section is updated periodically with web sites that aid the Virginia researcher in some way. These, for the most part, are Virginia specific sites. They may encompass the entire state or a local site. 
#Miscellaneous. This section includes '''articles ''' that may not be Virginia specific but are, nonetheless, of value to the Virginia researcher. Additionally, it contains the '''''Newsletter'' queries'''. The Society also maintains and periodically updates in this section a list of '''Virginia-based researchers '''in Word and PDF format.
=== Publications for Sale ===


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