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3rd Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry (Union)

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[[Bradley County, Arkansas|Bradley ]](Company C)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Chicot_County,_Arkansas|Chicot]] (Company C)<sup>2</sup>
[[Conway County, Arkansas|Conway]] (Companies A, B, C, D, G, H, K, and L)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Pike County, Arkansas|Pike]] (Companies C, I, and M)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Polk_CountyPolk County,_ArkansasArkansas|Polk]] (Company E)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Pope_CountyPope County,_ArkansasArkansas|Pope]] (Companies A, B, D, H, I, and L)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Pulaski_CountyPulaski County,_ArkansasArkansas|Pulaski]] (Companies C, G, H, K, L M)<sup>1</sup><sup>,2</sup><br>
[[Phillips_CountyPhillips County,_ArkansasArkansas|Phillips]]<sup>1</sup>
[[Saline_CountySaline County,_ArkansasArkansas|Saline]] (Companies A, C, and L)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Scott_CountyScott County,_ArkansasArkansas|Scott]] (Company E)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Searcy_CountySearcy County,_ArkansasArkansas|Searcy]] (Companies A, D, K, H, I, and M)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Sevier_CountySevier County,_ArkansasArkansas|Sevier]] (Companies C, E, and F)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Van_Buren_CountyVan Buren County,_ArkansasArkansas|Van Buren]] (Companies B, G, H, I, and M)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Washington_CountyWashington County,_ArkansasArkansas|Washington]] (Company C)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[White_CountyWhite County,_ArkansasArkansas|White]] (Company G)<sup>2</sup><br>
[[Yell_CountyYell County,_ArkansasArkansas|Yell]] (Companies A, C, D, E, F, H, and S)<sup>2</sup><br>
*1. Adujtant General. ''Official Army Register, Report of the Adjutant General'', 1864.

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