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Oklahoma Vital Records

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''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Oklahoma|Oklahoma]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Oklahoma Vital RecordsOklahoma_Vital_Records|Vital Records]]''
'''Introduction to Vital Records'''
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" height="35" valign="middle" align="center" | Earliest
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" height="35" valign="middle" align="center" | 1891
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1890 or
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| bgcolor="#ffffcc" height="35" valign="middle" align="center" | General Compliance
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" height="35" valign="middle" align="center" | 1928
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In many cases, childdren children were raised by relatives or interested families without a formal adoption taking place and no official adoption records being created.
For more information, see [[Adoption Research|Adoption Research]] for additional resources and strategies.
== Marriage Records ==
Marriage bonds, affidavits, licenses, and certificates were kept by each county beginning about 1890 or when the county was created. Many marriages in the territorial era were not recorded, and some were recorded in county courthouses in Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas. '''Write to the appropriate county clerk for information.'''
'''A wiki article describing Oklahoma County Marriages is found at:'''
In 1908, death records were mandated by the state with copies sent to the state capital. Compliance to this law reached 90% by 1928.
After 1928, death records usually give infromation information about the deceased, such as name, age, birth date, stae state or country of birth, and names of parentsand parents and the informant.The date and place of death are given.   Sometimes burial informatininformation, the cause of death, and the names of physician and morticians are provicedprovided. 
== Alternative Records ==
These links will take you to wiki pages describing alternate sources for bithbirth, marriage,&nbsp;and death record<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1334062276652_508" />s.
[[Oklahoma Church Records|Oklahoma Church Records]]:&nbsp; Depending on the donminationdenomination, church records may contain information about birth, marriage and death.
[[Oklahoma Cemeteries|Oklahoma Cemetery Records]]:&nbsp; Cemetery Records are a rich source of birth&nbsp;and death information. These records may also reveal family relationships.&nbsp;
[[Social Security Death Index (SSDI)|Social Security Death Index]] (SSDI):&nbsp; the SSDI indexes deaths for those who had social security numbers and the death was reported to the Social Security Administration.&nbsp;
[[Oklahoma Newspapers|Oklahoma Newspapers]]:&nbsp; Besides obituaries, local newspapers may contian contain birth and marriage annoucements announcements and death&nbsp;notices.&nbsp; Also check newspaper social columns for&nbsp;additional information.&nbsp;
[[Oklahoma Military Records|Oklahoma Military Records]]:&nbsp; Military&nbsp;pension records can&nbsp;give birth, marriage and&nbsp;death infromationinformation.&nbsp; In addition, soldiers' homes records&nbsp;may include this same information. &nbsp;
[[Oklahoma Periodicals|Oklahoma Periodicals]]:&nbsp; Local genealogical and historical societies often publish periodicals which may contian abstracted early birth, marriage and death information.&nbsp;
== Tips ==
*Information listed&nbsp;on vital records is given by an informant.&nbsp; Learn the relationship of the informant to the subject(s) of the record.&nbsp; The closer the relations;hip relationship of the informant to the subject(s) and whether or not the informant was present at the time of the event can help determine the accuracy of the information found on the record.
*If you are unable to locate vital records recorded by governments,&nbsp;search for church records of christening, marriage, death or burial.&nbsp; A family Bible may have been used to record births, marriages and deaths.
*Privacy laws may restrict your access to some vital records.&nbsp; Copies of some vital records recorded in the last 100 years may be unavailable to anyone except a direct relative.
== Websites ==
*[]&nbsp;-&nbsp; &nbsp;A GenWeb project that has some counties with inconsistent dates and information. What is listed is easy to access
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'''A wiki article describing this collection is found at:'''

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